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e-Commerce fulfillment and omni-channel logistics are forms of commerce that are quickly altering traditional supply chains, by offering consumers the opportunity to make purchases via the web, mobile devices, catalogs and retail stores.  Responding to the rapidly changing landscape of B2C selling channels, MD Logistics has developed an Omni-Channel Logistics division.  Through this division, we are able to offer complete shipping, logistics and distribution solutions, no matter what the sales channel.  This allows our omni-channel retailing customers to concentrate on their brand, product range, purchasing and sales – online and/or retail – while we integrate with their sales order management systems.  Essentially we enable companies to outsource their Commerce focused global fulfillment and international logistics.  Through omni-channel logistics services, our customers have access to the resources and expertise of a single logistics company worldwide, to manage their total e-Commerce supply chain, taking product from ex-factory production through warehouse and fulfillment to their end consumer, and back again if required.

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Omni-channel logistics enables customers to be everywhere, and everything, to both retail and wholesale customers, while experiencing the following:

  • Consistent customer experience – the same stylish experience in web, mobile and retail channels
  • Connectivity – with all parts of the e-Commerce system communicating seamlessly
  • Visibility – to track inventory and availability in real time
  • Flexibility – to dynamically schedule deliveries and select shipment methods
  • Delivery – direct to customers, with integrated back-end tracking and reporting
  • Seamless internal integration – online orders and returns are managed smoothly alongside existing retail channels

Additional e-Commerce Fulfillment Services include:

  • Brand specific packaging to meet branding requirement
  • Gift wrapping and handwritten notes
  • Personalized shopping experience
  • Small package pick, pack and fulfillment
  • Numerous parcel and postal shipping options to meet high customer demand