Valuing Supply Chain Sustainability

At MD Logistics, we understand the importance of creating and upholding a sustainable supply chain, especially in today’s world. Third-party logistics providers have a responsibility to respond to their client’s needs, one of those being to reduce their own emissions. As a 3PL reduces emissions, they are helping their clients to reduce their own Scope 3 emissions, which is necessary to achieve their own supply chain sustainability goals. As a top 3PL provider within the industry, we know that in order to continue to offer the same standard of excellence for our clients, we must support sustainable supply chain initiatives. Together with our parent company, Nippon Express Holdings, we have developed sustainability standards that will uphold the integrity of the supply chain, but also support our clients’ own supply chain sustainability initiatives.

Nippon Express Group Sustainability Statement

Supporting a better life for people around the world and the development of a sustainable society through our business.

MD Logistics Sustainability Statement

MD Logistics supports people’s lives through the social infrastructure of logistics, and to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society, MD Logistics will strengthen and promote “sustainability management” aimed at corporate development and value creation by proactively addressing a wide range of issues through social development, through logistics, and the maintenance of the global and social environment as a prerequisite.

MD Logistics Facility Standards

All of the state-of-the-art MD Logistics warehouse facilities participate in the following sustainable practices:

  • Minimal Waste Facilities – Recycle paper/cardboard on the warehouse floor.
  • LED – Motion Censored Lighting
  • Electric Powered, Material Handling Equipment