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4 Supply Chain Predictions for 2018

supply chain predictions

Experts say 2018 will be another year of transition as digital transportation becomes more important that ever in supply chain planning, fulfillment and procurement. From widespread adoption of the cloud and greater use of artificial intelligence to the potential of blockchain, here are 4 supply chain trends and predictions for 2018. Read the full article…

Holiday Season Success Powered by Omnichannel Perfection

the importance of omnichannel

Each year it seems as though the ramp-up to holiday season starts earlier for merchants, as they truly understand the impact that strong (or poor) seasonal performance can have on their bottom line. Survey’s show 69% of both in-store and online sales during the holidays went to omnichannel retailers. That’s a reminder for all merchants to dedicate time pre-holidays to implement ways to engage with and sell to consumers through physical and digital channels. Read the full article…

Investing in the Right Transportation Management System

transportation management

The demand for transportation management systems (TMS) is on the rise. A basic solution manages truck and carrier dispatch, fleet maintenance, driver records, billing and driver pay, and DOT compliance, while additionally streamlining operations by optimizing carrier routes, managing customer activity, and reporting analytics. Read the full article…