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Status Quo? No.

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The coming year is destined to be one of some major and minor changes in business operations. Given your role in logistics, you will face a perfect storm of new. Here are some events and trends that will drive change and the need to think flexibly and laterally, and adapt operations accordingly. Read the full article…

Is Your Supply Chain Changing with the Times?

supply chain change

Business conditions that existed a decade ago are no longer relevant. Here, we discuss how the very nature of supply chains has evolved. As you read through, you might agree that the business conditions that existed even a decade ago do not hold relevance now. Only the most resilient leadership with the vision to build a supply chain of the future can hope to survive the demanding test of these hyper-accelerated times. Read the full article…

4 Supply Chain Predictions for 2018

supply chain predictions

Experts say 2018 will be another year of transition as digital transportation becomes more important that ever in supply chain planning, fulfillment and procurement. From widespread adoption of the cloud and greater use of artificial intelligence to the potential of blockchain, here are 4 supply chain trends and predictions for 2018. Read the full article…