Transportation Management Increases Efficiency for Leading 3PL Provider

transportation management

Forming an innovative partnership with Accelogix to offer customers a transportation management solution, provides competitive muscle for MD Logistics.

As a third party logistics partner for pharmaceutical, life science, retail and consumer products companies, MD Logistics knows the value of accuracy. Many of their customers provide lifesaving drugs to patients across the globe. From its inception in 1996, the company has had one mission: delivering the Right material, in the Right condition, to the Right place, at the Right time.

“We were evaluating transportation management systems (TMS), Agile Network being one of them,” Jon Francis, Director of IT for MD Logistics, remembers. As they reached the final phases of the vendor selection process, integration of transportation IT and warehouse IT became a deciding factor.

“We were looking for a partner to help us integrate Agile transportation management systems with our JDA (formerly RedPrairie) warehouse management system (WMS),” Jon says. “Our important question was, how could we get Agile Network’s Shipping transportation management system to integrate into the JDA WMS? How could we make it work to fit our operations?” Agile Network suggested that the MD Logistics team speak with Accelogix President Seth Patin.

Seth’s experienced consulting team had worked with Agile Network at another 3PL site where they had implemented Agile Transportation Management System. In the initial half-hour conversation, Seth discussed a number of topics related to implementation of the Agile TMS solutions. “Based on Seth’s knowledge of the 3PL business from the vendor side, coupled with his technical knowledge of how to integrate the two information systems, we felt that Accelogix could help us with not only our initial project, but with some of our upcoming client WMS projects as well,” Jon added.

A Supply Chain Partnership Based on Trust

“From our first visit with MD Logistics, we had a degree of respect and trust for each other,” Seth recalls. “The ideas they had with respect to where they wanted to take their business were ideas that Accelogix could help implement and deliver on.” Jim Hepp, Director of Strategic Development and Planning for MD Logistics, agrees.

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Source: Accelogix