How Direct, Dedicated Air Freight Can Enhance Your Supply Chain

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written by: Andy Hadley, District Sales Manager, SEKO Logistics

As a global freight forwarder, SEKO Logistics aims to provide their customers with the highest level of care available, responding to current needs in the market by continually adapting their service offerings. By looking at marketplace trends and customer’s needs, we were able to develop our latest product offering, a current promotion sending dedicated air pallet shipments from Hong Kong and Shanghai to Chicago, New York and Los Angeles, twice a week. Adding this new product to the SEKO service offering helps our clients save on transportation costs, and reduce freight damages and delays associated with shipping via two of the most volatile markets, in terms of space, during the June through December Peak Season. At one time or another, companies that import product have all dealt with the challenges that arise during Peak Season. This new service aims to ease the burden that shipping during Peak Season tends to create.

This new program provides a variety of different incentives to our customers.

  • Guaranteed space and transit time. Working on a set schedule allows for increased peace of mind knowing your product will arrive when and where it says it will.
  • Dedicated SEKO Air Pallet. Reduces the risk for potential damage.
  • Fixed monthly pricing. Express, standard or deferred.
  • Wheels Up Customs Clearance. Upon ‘wheels up’, our US based entry writers start the customs clearance process while it is in route to its US destination. This allows for quick retrieval upon landing in Chicago, Los Angeles or New York and is a great solution for freight due to arrive in the US, same day.

Specific to goods destined for the Midwest market:

  • Dedicated customer service team. Direct access to a dedicated customer service team based out of Indianapolis, the Crossroads of America. A clear point of contact if there should be any delays that arise with your shipment.
  • Fast delivery. Our Midwest customers who utilize this promotion will receive fast freight recovery upon arrival in Chicago.

We found that it was important to offer a service like this for our customers after we realized how much money was being spent moving cargo on an express basis. This process can get costly, quickly. Our SEKO Logistics team worked directly with the airlines to procure fixed flight space on a weekly basis. This means our international freight forwarding customers have access to guaranteed space on flights. This agreement with the airlines also ensures that the SEKO Team has access to this service and capacity, regardless of utilization. This unique arrangement puts SEKO Logistics in an elite group of forwarders that offer this type of direct dedicated service into the US, more specifically the Midwest.

As a supply chain professional with SEKO Logistics, I am dedicated to delivering customized solutions to my Indiana customers. I look forward to discussing and creating solutions for their freight forwarding needs. If your supply chain is in need of or could benefit from this new and unique promotion, let’s get in touch. Send me an email at or give me a call at 812.243.3405. See what SEKO Logistics can do for you!