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4 Supply Chain Predictions for 2018

supply chain predictions

Experts say 2018 will be another year of transition as digital transportation becomes more important that ever in supply chain planning, fulfillment and procurement. From widespread adoption of the cloud and greater use of artificial intelligence to the potential of blockchain, here are 4 supply chain trends and predictions for 2018. Read the full article…

Industry Forecast: 2017 Life Science Trends

2017 life science trends

Dr Steven Bradshaw makes 3 top predictions for what he expects to see happen in the life sciences industry during 2017. These predictions include pricing and payment hurdles being overcome with innovative schemes and patient services, as well as the biosimilar space benefiting from increased efforts towards stakeholder education. Read the full article…

Four Supply Chain Trends to Watch in 2016

Four Supply Chain Trends to Watch in 2016

According to Grant Marshbank, COO of VSc Solutions, supply chains will face a number of challenges, he said: “Supply chain managers are already under huge pressure to adapt to turbulent economies, labor issues, and expansion into global markets.

“The bad news is that the rate of change isn’t going to slow down. The good news is that emerging supply chain trends hold opportunities to reduce both costs and carbon footprints, and enable exceptional customer service at the same time.” Read the full article…