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MD Logistics Celebrates 20 Years in Business and 20 Years of Growth

20-years ago today Mark Sell and his late business partner Dave Kiebach started third party logistics company MD Logistics, headquartered in Plainfield, Indiana.

In 1996, the pair began the company named after their first initials inside a 10,000 square foot warehouse. Since then, MD Logistics has grown through the addition of business verticals, service offerings and excellent client relationships to occupy one million square feet of warehouse space across three locations in Plainfield and one in Reno, Nevada. MD Logistics has increased its employee base from its original seven employees to now over 200 employees. Revenue has doubled over the last seven years, with MD realizing its highest revenue year in 2015. Read the full article…

Award-winning Midwest Logistics Provider Announces Expansion

Third party logistics provider cooler doors

According to Global Data, the pharmaceutical market is expected to skyrocket to nearly $550 billion by the year 2020. To keep pace with the surging pharmaceutical industry, leading third-party logistics (3PL) provider MD Logistics is significantly upgrading its pharmaceutical storage capabilities. The company is expanding into an additional 173,000 square feet of controlled room temperature (CRT) pharmaceutical warehouse space near its flagship Midwest facility in Indianapolis, Indiana. Read the full article…

MD Logistics Expands Plainfield Office

MD Logistic Job Openings

National logistics company MD Logistics is capping an 18-month period of growth by renovating its local headquarters. Since January 2012, MD Logistics has hired 21 full-time employees at its Plainfield locations, which represents a 15-percent workforce increase. This growth called for additional dedicated workspaces and group meeting areas. Read the full article…