MD Logistics Announces -20 Degrees Celsius Cold Chain Solutions

3PL offers dry ice packaging process in cold chain solutions

Leading third-party logistics (3PL) provider MD Logistics now offers -20 degrees Celsius cold chain solutions.

As one of the fastest-growing 3PL providers, MD Logistics continues to expand its pharmaceutical and life sciences solutions in response to customer needs. In this case, a new partnership with international biopharmaceutical company, FeF Chemicals, drove MD Logistics to implement additional cold chain solutions to their current service offerings.

While FeF Chemicals’ -20 degree Celsius cold chain requirements were a new frontier for MD Logistics, the company’s constant state of evolution prepared them to seamlessly integrate the necessary equipment, processes and oversight.

“Developing turnkey solutions allows us to remain responsive to the changing landscape and keep our customers relevant in their respective industries” said Jeff Luthman, vice president of life science solutions for MD Logistics. “We’re thrilled to offer FeF Chemicals customized cold chain solutions that streamline their North American operations.”

The new service offering comes as MD Logistics celebrates several other achievements, including a significant cooler expansion at its Reno, Nevada, facility, pharmaceutical Foreign Trade Zone services, and the successful company-wide integration of a state-of-the-art JDA Red Prairie Warehouse Management System (WMS).

“Our pharmaceutical division constantly drives customized solutions, as we seek to better serve our customers,” Luthman said. “Whether a solution requires innovative equipment, process redevelopment or employee training, we meet our customers’ needs, every time”

About FeF Chemicals
FeF Chemicals is a Novo Nordisk company based out of Copenhagen, Denmark, that specializes in the supply of ingredients in two unique product areas, biopharmaceuticals and APIs and excipients. Their ability to manufacture and supply high-purity products, combined with a complete range of regulatory services, makes them a preferred supplier by a large number of global leading pharmaceutical companies.