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Innovations and Adaptations in the Cold Chain

Cold Chain Packaging

The rise of targeted therapies and the globalization of specialty pharmaceutical commercialization present a host of opportunities for manufacturers. The foundational premise is clear: More commercial and clinical trial drugs are being shipped to more patients in more countries than ever before. Healthcare is becoming more innovative and more accessible at the same time. Read the full article…

White Paper: Getting Serious About Serialization, The Drug Quality and Security Act

Pharmaceutical Serialization

On Nov. 27, 2013 President Obama signed the Drug Quality and Security Act into law, effectively setting the framework of what would become a nationwide initiative toward wide-scale pharmaceutical serialization. The Drug Supply Chain Security Act is one component of the DQSA. This particular act requires the FDA to implement a national track-and-trace system by which manufacturers must affix product identifiers (barcodes) to each package of product that is introduced into the supply chain. Read the full article…

The Big Chill: 10 Trends in Cold Chain Logistics

Cold chain operators / a cold chain 3PL operates in a warehouse designed for cold chain logistics.

With its capital-intensive equipment, strict temperature requirements, and energy dependence, the cold chain has always been a demanding logistics segment. Now the sector is grappling with additional challenges—from increases in the sensitivity, quality standards, and volume of many of its goods, to continually mounting regulations. Read the full article…