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Thinking Inside the Unbox


Consumers today judge businesses on many things beyond product performance. Unboxing, for example, is now part of a consumer’s everyday experience. That means daily opportunities for your brand to make a positive impression. Read the full article…

The 3 Key Principles of a Seamless Supply Chain


Businesses today are seeing their traditional supply chain practices disrupted by the Internet of Things (IoT), 3D printing, implantable technology, connected homes, automated workforces, smart decision support systems, robotics and more. And in today’s tech-savvy, Uberized and Amazon-impacted world, consumers are increasingly demanding a personalized, consistent and seamless experience across retail, online and mobile, requiring companies to rethink their supply chains. Read the full article…

Supply Chain Visibility Critical To Omni-Channel Ops

Supply chain visibility enables seamless shopping experiences and provides tools to track omni-channel vendor performance.

While knowing what inventory is where at any given point is perhaps the defining element of supply chain visibility, it’s actually only one facet of this critical capability, according to Greg Holder, CEO and founder of Compliance Networks. Visibility that stretches back to suppliers and across to third-party trading partners provides retailers with the ability to track and rate vendor performance while also providing the data to support smarter, more timely decisions around merchandise management, inventory levels, and cash utilization. Read the full article…