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Black Friday from a 3PL

e-Commerce fulfillment in a state of the art retail facility.

Most of us know what Black Friday looks like from the perspective of a consumer, perhaps the lesser known Black Friday perspective is that of the Third Party Logistics (3PL) provider. As e-commerce continues to grow in popularity, 3PL providers must amend their e-commerce fulfillment practices to the ever changing environment. Read the full article…

Holiday Season Success Powered by Omnichannel Perfection

the importance of omnichannel

Each year it seems as though the ramp-up to holiday season starts earlier for merchants, as they truly understand the impact that strong (or poor) seasonal performance can have on their bottom line. Survey’s show 69% of both in-store and online sales during the holidays went to omnichannel retailers. That’s a reminder for all merchants to dedicate time pre-holidays to implement ways to engage with and sell to consumers through physical and digital channels. Read the full article…

How Your Product’s Packaging Speaks to Millennials

unboxing experience

With constant technological influences, millennials have close to infinite resources within their grasp. Instant access to information, images, video and media means they can find almost everything online, especially when it comes to shopping with the average millennial spending an hour shopping online per day. What does this mean for your company’s product packaging? Does this mean your product’s packaging is no longer an important consideration increasing your product’s value? Read the full article…