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Reducing the High Cost of Returns in the Omnichannel


According to Forrester Research, the adoption of e-commerce solutions is accelerating, driven by the advantages offered by omnichannel strategies. However, omnichannel solutions are still plagued by supply chain inefficiencies that can reduce value and hamper productivity. Take, for example, the returns management process, where defined methodologies for handling customer returns have become high-touch processes that can introduce delays, inefficiencies and mistakes — all of which can impact the bottom line while also affecting the relationship with the customer. Read the full article…

White Paper: Returns in the Retail Supply Chain with a Specific Focus on e-Commerce

retail supply chain.

In recent years, the rise in e-Commerce sales has led to an increase in the amount of items returned. A 2015 study conducted by the National Retail Federation, revealed that on average 8% of goods purchased were returned, adding up to nearly $260 billion dollars1 in product. This increase in returns created a challenging situation for retailers and an opportunity for their 3PL providers. This white paper will explore the impact of e-Commerce on reverse logistics, highlighting the customer driven process at the distribution center level. Read the full article…