Creating a Culture of Safety in the Warehouse

Thanks to advancements in forklift-based technologies, such as fleet and operator management systems, instances of workplace accidents may start to decline because of the availability of critical information that affords the opportunity to create and maintain a culture that champions safety. Read the full article…

Supply Chain Management is More Than Just a ‘Blue Collar’ Department

Supply chain management (SCM) is no longer the Rodney Dangerfield of corporate functions.
While sales and marketing wins customers, SCM keeps them with excellent service and unfailing on-shelf availability. And these qualities are becoming even more important in the age of e-commerce.
SCM’s journey from afterthought to core capability parallels the way in which the business landscape has changed over the last two to three decades.
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Retail & Consumer Goods Supply Chain Management

Retail & Consumer Goods Supply Chain Management

MD Logistics client-shared warehouses manage high-volume, market-driven, retail products for industries that expect maximum performance and flexible infrastructure. We handle B2B and e-commerce fulfillment and distribution, supporting the top 100 retailers in the country. Our tier one WMS fully integrates with our customers ERP software and supports electronic data interchange for order management and reporting. Read the full article…