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MorphCostumes Case Study

MorphCostumes: Morphing from start-up to international e-commerce retailer BACKGROUND | Printer Friendly PDF Great ideas start anywhere, including during après ski refreshments and out-of-the-box costume brainstorming. From there,… Read more »

The Battle of the Supply Chains

Competition between retailers is no longer between brick and mortar stores, rather lives in the efficiencies of their supply chains.

In the world of google, where there are more than 3,000+ books published and more text messages exchanged every day than the population on the planet, the days have gone when it was good enough as a retailer to be just good.
Not good enough anymore. No room to be second best.
The world has changed. Knowledge is no longer a sacred cow as information is in the hands of all, freely available. How does one cut through all this clutter and give it some sort of meaning is a key challenge? Read the full article…

White Paper: The e-Commerce, m-Commerce and Omni-Channel Effect

Omnichannel platforms for e-Commerce and m-Commerce shopping.

The Internet revolutionized how people form and foster relationships. For years, companies have sought to translate this unprecedented customer connectivity into business success. Today, online and mobile commerce gives consumers the satisfaction of a quick and effortless shopping experience. In turn, this has transformed how companies manage their supply chains, since inventory availability and shipping times severely influence customer purchase decisions. Read the full article…

Omni-Channel Logistics: How To Be Everywhere

SEKO Omni-Channel Logistics logo

Nail Rock’s failure to meet deadlines for shipping nail polish to Walmart, its biggest U.S. account, led to a lot of hand-wringing. Neil Jerzak, operations manager for Rock Beauty, London—U.K. retailer for the popular beauty product—reveals that Nail Rock hit only 30 percent to 35 percent of Walmart’s order deadlines. That dismal figure resulted in fines and worse: a less-than-stellar reputation among the mega-retailer’s personnel. Something had to change, and fast. That’s when the company decided to partner with SEKO Logistics. Read the full article…