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White Paper: The e-Commerce, m-Commerce and Omni-Channel Effect

Omnichannel platforms for e-Commerce and m-Commerce shopping.

The Internet revolutionized how people form and foster relationships. For years, companies have sought to translate this unprecedented customer connectivity into business success. Today, online and mobile commerce gives consumers the satisfaction of a quick and effortless shopping experience. In turn, this has transformed how companies manage their supply chains, since inventory availability and shipping times severely influence customer purchase decisions. Read the full article…

White Paper: Where Does Privacy Stop and Publicity Begin in the 3PL Industry?

Image of the main aisle in a 3PL providers warehouse.

Third-party logistics (3PL) providers are brought in to handle the intimate details of their customers’ supply chains. The 2013 17th Annual Third-Party Logistics Study reported that 65 percent of its survey respondents use 3PL providers rather than insource their shipping needs. This represents a significant increase from prior years, which the study attributed to more companies recognizing the cost-savings that 3PLs offer. Read the full article…