MorphCostumes Case Study


MorphCostumes: Morphing from start-up to international e-commerce retailer

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Great ideas start anywhere, including during après ski refreshments and out-of-the-box costume brainstorming. From there, the costume company MorphCostumes has grown into the largest brand in costumes and fancy dress and certainly the most innovative.

Started in 2009 with just three employees and a 6-color collection of solid morphsuits, the company has since expanded into the traditional (non-spandex) market with offerings such as name-brand characters and a large collection of digital costumes.

In 2011, MorphCostumes began its bid for global costume domination. But world domination requires more than entrepreneurial savvy and social media success. In order to seamlessly provide their innovative products to customers in Germany, North America and Australia, MorphCostumes needed to streamline its supply chain operations.

With its flexible infrastructure, quick reaction times and long-standing logistics expertise, MD Logistics was equipped to help transform the company’s supply chain and e-commerce operations.

By working closely with MorphCostumes representatives, MD Logistics developed customized solutions for this small startup even as its social media channels continued to generate international interest.

Today, MD Logistics oversees a dedicated call center staffed with employees trained in MorphCostumes’ brand touchpoints and customer service expectations.

MD Logistics also oversees the company’s international supply chain, receiving, storing, packaging and distributing products directly to consumers as well as large retailers such as Party City, Spirit and Kmart. This fluid e-commerce solution helps MorphCostumes retain a quick and flexible supply chain, whether shipping product down the street or across the world.

Today, MorphCostumes has more than 30 team members, 305 costume designs and millions of social media fans. The significant growth is a testament to several factors including the company’s ability to quickly and efficiently fulfill online orders.

“At the core of our business is innovation and fun, which are factors that have driven our growth in the global costume market,” said, Ali Smeaton, founder and COO of MorphCostumes. “These characteristics are hugely present at MD Logistics, too. They not only provide a range of market-leading logistics solutions, but do so with enthusiasm and a great attitude. “They share our goals and work incredibly hard to help us achieve them as quickly and accurately as possible.”

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