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Fundraising at MD Logistics

Camp John Warvel - Fundraising at MD Logistics

No matter the industry, companies in today’s business climate aim to create ways to differentiate themselves. Product or service offerings can be a differentiator, but consumers are increasingly more interested in ‘feel good’ initiatives that companies support. At MD Logistics, we rely heavily on our company culture and the feedback we receive internally in order to make a difference locally.  One of the many things our company culture supports is giving back to our own community. As a result, there are a few organizations that we choose to support throughout the year. Read the full article…

Customer Experience in the Supply Chain

customer experience

With a variety of product options available through multiple buying channels, the modern retail consumer now has more choices than ever before. with all of these choices, come changes to the way goods are sold to consumers, by retailers. One of these changes has to do with customer experience. Similar to, but different from customers service, customer experience is unique to your brand, carrying both a tone and an image specific to your company. In addition to becoming an important part of the consumer facing aspect of retail, it is also an important way for service providers to build a relationship with both existing and potential customers.  Read the full article…