MD Logistics & Hendricks County Community Foundation: a Partnership for the Dave Kiebach Smile Fund


In 1996, Mark Sell and Dave Kiebach, became the ‘M’ and the ‘D’ in MD Logistics, making their dream of owning their own company, a reality. Just 10 years later, in 2006, MD Logistics was named the 13th fastest-growing private company in Central Indiana by the Indianapolis Business Journal. A year later Dave would unexpectedly pass away from massive coronary failure on November 5, 2007,

Dave was a family man, known to dote on his wife, Diana and their two small children, Mackenzie and Sean. After Dave’s passing, Diana and Mark knew they wanted to do something to keep Dave’s memory alive and bring a smile to the faces of those in the Hendricks County community he loved.  From that, the David H. Kiebach Smile Fund at the Hendricks County Community Foundation (HCCF) was born.

The Early Days

Everyone who knew Dave remembers his infectious and contagious smile, so when it came time to think of a name for Dave’s memorial fund, a family friend suggested the obvious choice, The Smile Fund. Armed with a name and a community partner in the HCCF, Diana set out to spread smiles through Hendricks County all in Dave’s name.

Dave’s friend and business partner, Mark Sell, recognized the void that was left in his passing and wanted to do his part to keep his memory alive. Together with close friends, an annual golf tournament was arranged with the dual purpose of celebrating Dave’s memory and raising money for The Smile Fund. The Dave Kiebach Memorial Golf Outing was brought to fruition and a partnership with between MD Logistics and the HCCF was formed.

The Charities

Diana has always been very intentional with allocating funds that are granted out into the community, by choosing organizations who might not have access to large donor dollars. To this day, that rational still proves to be the case.  Since 2008, the Smile Fund has had the opportunity to offer grants to several deserving organizations across Hendricks County. For the past handful of years, the Smile Fund has granted necessary funds to the following organizations: Jameson Camp, Strides to Success and Handicapable Camp.

Jameson Camp. Since 1928, Jameson Camp has been impacting the lives of young people through their award-wining camp experience designed to provide a nurturing environment where children can engage in self-discovery and develop self-respect and confidence. They strive to be a resource to children and their families to assist in the development of life skills necessary for successful, productive cultures. We teach appreciation and respect for one’s self, for others, and nature.[1] Learn more about Jameson Camp at

Strides to Success. Strides’ mission is to provide unique equine experiences that promote learning opportunities that strengthen and develop lives. Strides to Success combines a research based learning model with metaphoric experiences that encourage personal growth and development in both adults and youth. Because each client has different needs, Strides’ does not offer canned programs, but rather takes the time to understand each individual and custom tailor mounted and unmounted interaction with their horses for the best possible outcomes.[2] Learn more about Strides to Success at

Handicapable Camp. Handicapable camp provides outdoor recreation and overnight camping in scenic Southern Indiana for approximately 100 people with physical, mental, and emotional challenges each year. It gives many of these people an opportunity to enjoy camping for the first time. Handicapable Camp helps fill a void. These campers get a chance to enjoy outdoor activities they’ve never been able to try. Most important, campers see themselves become a part of these activities, thus boosting their moral and confidence.[3] Learn more about Handicapable Camp at

Present Day

Now, finishing its 13th year, the tradition of the Dave Kiebach Memorial Golf Outing continues. The outing is a way to raise money to support the Smile Fund, while dedicating an entire day to remembering Dave.

What started as a group of Dave’s closest friends and family members now includes a gathering of MD Logistics business vendors and customers, supporting a cause that remains close to the MDL organization. Their support of the golf tournament and the Smile Fund is a testament to the relationships MD has built with vendors and customers alike. As this guest list has grown over the years, it’s exposed vendors and customers to a special piece of MDL history, providing a deeper understanding of the culture and social responsibility Mark has fostered since Dave’s passing.  .

This year, the funds raised from the Dave Kiebach Memorial Golf Tournament are more critical than ever before. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, personal anxiety is at an all-time high and budgets are being cut.  The donations raised from the golf tournament this year will be especially impactful!


Over the years the Smile Fund has supported various organizations across Hendricks County, giving nearly $192,000 in yearly grants. These grants have allowed various organizations throughout Hendricks County to not only continue serving their communities, but to also grow their programming to adapt to the needs of their clients. It’s a true testament to the partnership between MD Logistics and the Hendricks County Community Foundation, and the dedication from Mark and Diana to not only keeping Dave’s memory alive, but also spreading smiles all in his memory.