SEKO Worldwide Presents First Kiebach Memorial Employee Award


SEKO Worldwide has presented the first annual Dave Kiebach Memorial Corporate Employee of the Year Award to Jim Blaney, quality manager, in recognition of his dedication and long-standing support of the SEKO system.

First runner-up is Lou Johnson; second runner-up is Nancy Davoli. They are customer service representatives.

In presenting the awards, Tom Szwaja, vice president, filed operations, stated, “In that the Strategic Partners chose to honor one of their own by memorializing Dave for the award, and in that, in Dave’s memory, they chose to honor corporate employees on the day previously reserved for awarding the stations, I think their thoughts and gestures speak volumes on the character of this company with which I am proud to be associated. We congratulate the winners, and thank each of you for your efforts in making SEKO successful.”

Vincent J. Smith, Strategic Partner, SEKO Worldwide/Buffalo, instituted the award, inviting all of the Strategic Partners to vote for the award and calling for the honored employee qualities to be Dedication, Attitude, Values and Enthusiasm – in honor of Kiebach’s memory.

Kiebach was co-founder of MD Logistics in 1996 with his partner Mark Sell, CEO. Kiebach died unexpectedly in November 2007.