MDL Call Center Raising Funds For Charity Project


MD Logistics Call Center Representatives brought back more than training knowledge when they went to visit a customer back in May 2008. They brought back causes to fight for. Juvenile Diabetes and Heart Disease.

“We saw how our customer was really involved in their Charitable Giving Program,” said Amy Zbinden, Customer Service Supervisor. “And it made an impact.” The six call center reps researched the charity idea and presented their project to MDL’s CEO Mark Sell. Impressed by their efforts, Sell committed to matching dollar for dollar all the funds raised by the employees.

“The immediate goal is to sponsor one child so they could attend diabetes camp, “ said Amy Zbinden, Customer Service Supervisor. A week long diabetes camp designed for children ages 7-15, Camp John Warvel takes place in June at North Webster, Indiana. Camper fees can run from approximately $350 to $700 per child (allowing for extra fees and transportation costs).

“Our long term goal for the Heart Disease charity is to put in defibrillators in each MDL facility, “ Zbinden said. This would honor the memory of MDL’s Dave Kiebach, who died suddenly of heart failure in November 2007.
Yet, defibrillators don’t come cheap. The average cost is approximately $2000/per unit. “Once we get the defibrillators in place, the Red Cross would include this in our training sessions, “ said Marlise Blackburn, Customer Service Manager.

Plans are currently underway to raise funds. “We participated in last year’s Start Heart Walk,” said Zbinden, “We really want to have company involvement as well as community involvement.”