Implementing a Multi-Country Supply Chain Management Solution


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Established in 1991, Pacific Direct is a Global company that successfully provides luxury-branded products for its 5* hotel customers in 115 countries, with demanding lead times. It has manufacturing plants and offices in China, the Czech Republic, Dubai, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, the UK and the US.

As a Global business, with a demanding and diverse client base in every geography of the world, Pacific Direct needed an inventory solution that allowed its clients to have fast replenishment of core product lines.

SEKO now operates four regional logistics centers for Pacific Direct, managed on one Global web-based technology platform – MySEKO – which is fully integrated with Pacific Direct’s own ERP system. Warehouses in London, Dubai, Hong Kong and Indianapolis allow Pacific Direct to service its regional client base, offering an order-to-cash cycle of less than three days in most cases. In addition, SEKO also provides an in-house logistics team in Pacific Direct’s Hong Kong office, to manage all non-core logistics activity.

Improved supply chain visibility, integrated operations and outsourcing of non-core activities has allowed Pacific Direct to focus on selling and developing its brand worldwide, whilst SEKO quietly provide a scalable Global logistics foundation to support Pacific Direct’s growth and continued success.


  • Implemented a Global hub and spoke logistics solution to hold stock in the UK, Hong Kong, the US and Dubai
  • Powered by a web-based customized technology platform for Global visibility to warehoused inventory and products in transit
  • Delivering consistent service levels worldwide
  • Enabled smooth international expansion

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