Specialized Packaging & Personalized Fulfillment Case Study


Upholding product and branding guidelines, MD Logistics offers brand specific packaging solutions.

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For almost a decade, MD Logistics has worked with a UK-based manufacturer of high-end personal care products. This company’s premium bath, body and beauty commodities are available at five-star resorts, upscale department stores and on the company’s website. The company has spent 50 years supporting its products with an internationally recognizable brand that is synonymous with high-quality luxury. 

To honor this identity, the customer requires clear branding on every package, whether its final destination is a five-star hotel, stylish home or high-end department store. From brand-named tissue paper folded in a precise way to personalized and handwritten notes, every package must meet a strict set of guidelines.

MD Logistics was tasked with developing an efficient fulfillment and packaging solution that met the customer’s requirements while mitigating order turnaround time.

After clearly defining the customer’s brand requirements, MD Logistics developed an efficient and cost-effective strategy for personalized fulfillment and specialized packaging.

While maintaining a high turnaround rate, MD Logistics employees personally wipe down, package and seal every product in client-branded tissue paper and boxes. Employees also transcribe buyer messages, write personal notes indicating who packaged the shipment and accommodate gift-wrapping requests.

Initially, MD Logistics was hired to handle fulfillment and distribution for the company’s hotel and resort business. Impressed with MD Logistics’ ability to achieve high-speed fulfillment while maintaining the branding requirements, the customer soon brought the rest of its business to MD Logistics.

Today, MD Logistics handles all of the company’s U.S. distribution, including retail store and online order fulfillment.

Brand identity
By assigning dedicated employees to specially package each order, MD Logistics crafted a customized supply chain solution that meets the customer’s unique brand requirements. 

From branded tissue paper to handwritten personal notes, MD Logistics specially packages each unit based on the customer’s guidelines and the buyer’s individual needs. 

Over time, the customer’s logistics needs evolved due to a variety of factors, including a substantial investment in its e-commerce platform. MD Logistics promptly developed customized, turnkey solutions that protected the bottom line.

Personalized shopping experience
In the world of impersonal online shopping, MD Logistics is able to cost-effectively provide its customer’s buyers with a personalized and upscale shopping experience.

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