Ever Thought of Logistics as a Career, Well You Should!

Logistics career

Supply Chain and Logistics is critical to our day to day exercises as it deals with the distribution of assets like consumables and wearable products and furthermore, vital equipment for health care

Logistics is a rapidly growing field. We have seen the continued growth of e-commerce sites in developing nations around the world. Goods and services are more prominent than ever, so it could be said that logistics is crucial to keeping the supply and demand chain running smoothly. 

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, occupations other than logistics are expected to have an average growth rate of 11 percent through 2022 but not with Logistics jobs; it’s expected to grow at 22 percent through to the same year. That’s twice more than any other job. 

So if you are interested to get a job in this field, let’s see what you need to do. 

Logistics sector generally works behind the scenes, which basically means that if you are tracking the job openings in the field, you are most expected to get the job, considering you have the required degree or else the experience to be part of such an industry. 

Let’s now look at a step by step guide. 

Logistics Degree

If you have already decided that you want a career in logistics then you can always do a UG course in logistics and supply chain management. There are institutes which offer MBA in logistics management. There are various PG courses available as well. These universities also give the basic training of the field itself – from sustainability to best management practices. Indian Institute of Logistics is one of the premier institutes and the only one to entirely focus on logistics.

Other universities to offer logistics degree are:

  1. UPES Dehradun
  2. Amity University
  3. Loyola Institute of Business Administration, Chennai. …
  4. Presidency University, Bangalore.

Now let’s see what kind of jobs you can get in this field. 

1.Supply Chain Consultant

The role of a supply chain consultant is interdisciplinary in nature. It involves logistics and distribution, purchasing, manufacturing, inventory management, as well as marketing and product development. A supply chain consultant is expected to give advice regarding vendor and inventory management. Supply chain consultants are vital for small businesses those who wish to have a third-party perspective regarding their supply chain activities. 

2. Demand Planning Analyst

Their primary job is to assist in demand planning and management activities of company products. They also develop demand forecasts based on demand and business trends. This job requires a lot of quantitative analysis, so if you have an interest in mathematics, this could be the right job for you. 

Other jobs to consider 

  • Customer relations
  • Operations research
  • Production management
  • Warehouse management

Why you should consider logistics as a career

1.As stated above, it’s a growing industry so this means that there are loads of opportunities if you have the required skill set. Not many people know about the job openings in the field so you may get the desired job. 

2. According to wallaceschool.co.uk, logistic jobs are paying more than ever, so you can be assured of being financially stronger. 

3. If you are part of the logistics and supply chain industry you would definitely build a strong network of people, people from all backgrounds work together. 

4. A logistic career can be started anywhere. There are no specific requirements to move anywhere to start work. You can start the work from your village itself, door to door deliveries have become so common these days. You can always move out after gaining experience. 

5. The logistics industry has opened new doors for women as it no longer requires only strength work. If you are good in communications then you can occupy managerial positions in the company.

This was precisely what you needed to know about a career in Logistics and Supply Chain. So if you wish to pursue a career in this field, now is the right time for you. 

Source: Youth Incorporated