NIPPON EXPRESS HOLDINGS formulates sustainability policy/vision

Nippon Express

NIPPON EXPRESS HOLDINGS, INC. (President: Mitsuru Saito), has formulated a sustainability policy and a sustainability vision to further advance the Nippon Express Group’s sustainability management.

The NIPPON EXPRESS GROUP Sustainability Policy

  • The NIPPON EXPRESS GROUP fosters sustainable societies by co-creating a fruitful future with our stakeholders, including employees, business partners, customers, and local communities.
  • The NIPPON EXPRESS GROUP contributes to carbon-neutral societies and the preservation of the global environment through businesses that reduce the environmental impact of the group and our customers.
  • The NIPPON EXPRESS GROUP pursues sustainable growth as an entity needed by society, connecting people to people and business to business globally, and providing solutions that solve social issues.

Sustainability Vision

The Nippon Express Group takes immense pride in having created new value through its operations and supported its customers’ businesses and supply chains around the world over the years, and the Group is striving to ensure this legacy continues.

The Nippon Express Group will help bring about sustainable societies by improving the depth and effectiveness of the sustainability management it has implemented heretofore.

Source: Nippon Express