Nippon Express Holdings enhances members-only functions in “e-NX Visibility” digital forwarding service

Nippon Express

Enhancements offer visualization of temperature logger data and ordering support to optimize customers’ supply chains

NIPPON EXPRESS HOLDINGS INC. (President: Mitsuru Saito) has enhanced the members-only functions of its “e-NX Visibility” digital forwarding service and will be making these enhanced functions available from Wednesday, October 25.

e-NX Visibility :

①Expanded functions

In addition to management functions such as more advanced tracking and dashboard screen display of shipment status, the newly expanded members-only functions include data output for the NX-Green Calculator, a tool for calculating international transport CO2 emissions, notifications of irregularities, and visualization of temperature logger data. An order management mechanism has been added to existing functions to support tracking of individual orders, enabling the Company to respond to a wider range of needs. These enhancements will visualize entire supply chains from order placement to delivery completion and optimize customers’ chain processes.

[Image of data logger function screen]

②Functions available in e-NX Visibility

  • Publicly accessible functions (available since July 2023)
    (1) End-to-end transport status visualization
    (2) Event notification for early discovery of delays and other irregularities
  • Members-only functions (available from October 2023)
    (1) Search/notification of transport status by various items
    (2) Automated order management and shipment confirmation to suppliers
    (3) Dashboard screen display of latest transport status (exception/watchlist information)
    (4) Analysis of transport throughout the supply chain
    (5) Transport searches via temperature, shock, and inclination monitoring linked to data loggers
    (6) Data output for international transport CO2 emission calculation tool (NX-Green Calculator)
    (7) Transport data output

The NX Group will accelerate the digital transformation of international transport operations by making full use of IT and digital technologies, and will work to develop optimal logistics solutions to support customers’ global business expansion and provide new value to customers around the world.

Source: Nippon Express Holdings