MD Logistics Takes 3rd Place at Indianapolis LogistXgames


MD Logistics finishes 3rd at the 4th Annual LogistXgames.

The LogistXgames brings together the quick and agile of warehouse employees for some good natured competition.  Local companies pool together their most talented to compete for the Golden Pallet, participating in the Pallet Puzzle Sprint, Pallet Jack Relay Race, Pick/Pack Hurdle, and the Box Put.

This year was the third year MD Logistics has participated in the regional LogistXgames in Indianapolis.  We finished third out of ten teams, our highest finish yet, and qualified to participate in the National LogistXgames taking place in Louisville on September 28, 2012.  Our team was led by Operations Manager Janet Preston and consisted of Adam Maynard, Jake Robinson, Tanner West, Matt Goley and Randy Williams.
“This is a really fun event for our employees.  The LogistXgames are such a high energy event, full of cheering and dancing, and good old competition.  We really enjoy the team-building aspect of the event, as well as the chance to beat our competition.  I couldn’t be more pleased with our finish at this years games, and I’m looking forward to a win in Louisville” -Team Captain, Janet Preston

MD Logistics Cheer Team

Jake Robinson – Pallet Jack Relay

Adam Maynard and Tanner West