MD Logistics Named ‘Top 100 3PL Provider’ by Inbound Logistics Magazine for the 11th Consecutive Year

2022 IL Top 3PL Badge

2022 was a year of growth for logistics providers as consumers continued to drive trends around greater adoption of omnichannel shopping options and the need for safety stock as the global supply chain continues to rebound from the events of 2020. In response to both industry trends and the needs of our current customers, we announced the opening of our sixth warehouse in Garner, North Carolina earlier this year. As we near completion on this facility, we are pleased to be named a Top 100 3PL provider by Inbound Logistics Magazine for the 11th consecutive year.

“Because MD Logistics empowered logistics and supply chain excellence in 2022 with best-in-class solutions that drive integration across internal and external business processes, and demonstrated excellence in optimizing transportation and logistics operations, Inbound Logistics editors chose MD Logistics as a 2022 Top 100 3PL Provider. MD Logistics solutions insulated customers from disruption and drove efficiencies across the entire value chain, meriting this recognition from Inbound Logistics.” Stated Felecia Stratton, editor of Inbound Logistics Magazine.

Annually, Inbound Logistics pulls together an industry-wide, comprehensive list of 100 of the top third party logistics providers within the US. The providers who have been named to this list, are providers who the editors at Inbound Logistics feel are best equipped to meet and surpass their audience’s evolving outsourcing needs. Choosing from a pool of over 300 applicants, distilling the Top 100 is not an easy task and is one that becomes increasingly difficult as more and more logistics providers enter the industry. In the opinion of the editors at Inbound Logistics, this year’s class of Top 100 3PLs, “offer the diverse operational capabilities and experience driving efficiency and operational excellence for today’s demand-driven enterprises”.

“The past two years have been interesting as we have all witnessed the changes that the logistics industry has gone through. Seemingly overnight, our industry was thrust into the spotlight and we were expected to immediately react and respond to the changes happening in the supply chain.” Says John Sell, President & CEO, MD Logistics. “I am beyond proud of how the MD Logistics team has navigated this environment over the course of the past two years, all while continuing to provide the same level of service our customers have come to expect from us. This accolade is especially sweet this year, as we have just recently announced the addition of a sixth warehouse to the MD Logistics network, our first on the East Coast. This facility, located in Garner, North Carolina, will allow us to better service our life sciences and pharmaceuticals customers on the East Coast  while providing expedited access to that region. We look forward to continuing to offer the same service offerings that have afforded us the distinction of being named a Top 3PL, to our customers and the industries we operate within for years to come.”


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