Emilie Gerbers Promotion Annoucement

Emilie Gerbers

MD Logistics is pleased to announce the promotion of Emilie Gerbers to Director of Business Development.

In this new position, Emilie will take an elevated and active role in managing client relationships and external communication to ensure an enhanced customer experience. This will include working with our operations team in the development, scheduling, and delivery of periodic formal business reviews. In addition, she will continue to actively identify and generate prospects through strategic sales initiatives that focus on our target markets. She will also work closely with our internal operations teams to communicate solutions and ensure a successful onboarding of new customers. In addition to her new role and responsibilities, Emilie will continue to oversee all of our marketing initiatives to include social media, print and online advertising, company branding and media development. This will continue to ensure the MD Logistics brand stays aligned with company initiatives.

Emilie joined MD Logistics in early 2011, previously serving as marketing manager. During her tenure, she has been instrumental in developing our brand and industry recognition while also contributing to our overall growth as a company. Please join us in congratulating Emilie on this new position.