Bolstering Customer Experience in the Supply Chain

customer experience

3PL MD Logistics becomes an integral part of retailers’ supply chains, focusing on two types of customer experiences: the retailers’ and their customers’ experience.

The Challenge

Customer experience is a vital part of a consumer’s purchase journey and is unique to each retailer’s brand. As a 3PL, we have two types of customer experiences we are focused on: our customers’ experience and their customers’ experience. Acting as an extension of our customers’ team and as an integral part of their supply chain, it is imperative that we not only focus on their needs, but also the needs of their customers.

With multiple procurement channels available, it is just as important for brands to ensure their customer experience is the same across all channels as it is to make sure that there is brand consistency in every item the consumer purchases.

The Solution

At MD Logistics, our internal company culture creates a positive experience for both our customers and the end consumer. Since 1996, our mission has remained constant: Take care of the customer. By creating a culture of transparency, we’ve been able to partner with companies that are like minded and are looking for a long-term supply chain partner.

Creating this culture of transparency is driven from the top, down. Keeping an open line of communication between all management teams creates alignment and allows all members of the team to remain informed of potential business opportunities and outstanding customer requirements. This communication style also sets expectations and creates a culture of accountability, which leads to higher performance outcomes.

Our unique approach to account management is focused on empowering our team to be decision-makers, allowing for a quick reaction time, should issues arise. In addition, our executive management team makes themselves readily available to all customers, in the event that topics need to be discussed further.

As an extension of our customers’ teams, we understand the importance of upholding their brand requirements. As a result, we often host our customers for on-site workshops, providing our team with brand- and product-specific training to ensure customer experience expectations are met for the end consumer.

Originally seen on Inbound Logistics.