Acquisition of MD Logistics, LLC. and MD Express, LLC. by Nippon Express U.S.A.

executives from Nippon Express and MD Logistics

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (September 3, 2020) – Effective September 1, 2020, MD Logistics, LLC. and MD Express LLC. (collectively, MDL”) have been acquired by Nippon Express U.S.A., Inc. (“NEU”), a U.S. based subsidiary of Nippon Express Co., Ltd.  (“NEC Japan”), a Japanese company. As a wholly owned independent subsidiary of Nippon Express U.S.A., the MD Logistics and MD Express brands and organizational structure will remain intact. 

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Nippon Express is a publicly-traded, global logistics company with its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan and operations in 48 countries across the world.  Since its founding in 1937, Nippon Express has focused on connecting people, business and communities through the transport of goods.  As such, they have a proven track record as a leading provider of transportation and logistics services across the globe. 

The purchase of MD Logistics is part of the Nippon Express Group Business Plan 2023 “Dynamic Growth” and is also the reason Nippon was chosen by the executive team at MDL.  Mark Sell, President of MD Logistics explains, ‘when we looked at the market to seek a potential buyer, it was paramount to us that we selected a partner who had a thought out growth strategy for MDL within the industry verticals that we service, and who would value our people, culture and customers.  Nippon was impressed with the MDL brand and expertise, and showcased their strategy for investment and growth within the US domestic warehousing network, servicing the largest life sciences and consumer goods markets in the world.  This strategy is in-line with our goals as well, and includes expanding our geographical footprint to enhance our domestic reach, and continual expansion of our cGMP warehousing and cold chain transportation services.  Having the ability to tap into a global freight forwarding and warehousing network with strategically located gateways and GDP facilities across the globe makes this partnership even stronger.’

With this acquisition, MDL and NEU will both leverage their respective networks and expertise to further build out seamless supply chain offerings for the life sciences and retail goods industry.  ‘The Nippon Express Group has a goal to be recognized as a logistics company with a strong presence in the global market. We will accomplish this by providing integrated logistics to customers worldwide by firmly linking the warehousing and distribution services built by MD Logistics to Nippon Express Group’s international forwarding’, explains Toshiro Uchida, Senior Managing Executive Officer of Overseas Business. 

Moving forward, it is the collective goal to maximize synergies and provide higher quality services to customers worldwide while maintaining the culture and reputation these two great companies have built. 

In connection with this transaction, Fifth Third Securities, Inc. served as MD Logistics’ exclusive financial advisor and Ice Miller LLP served as MD Logistics’ legal advisor.

About MD Logistics
For the past 24 years MDL has operated under private ownership, providing supply chain services to the life sciences and pharmaceutical and retail and consumer goods industries.  The company has grown to include a domestic 3PL network with facilities in Nevada and Indiana, comprised of over 1M square feet of state-of-the-art modern cGMP warehouse space.  MDL has built a reputation within the 3PL industry to be a flexible, customizable and scalable supply chain partner.

About Nippon Express Group
Nippon Express is a Japan based logistics company with a global reputation in the transportation and logistics industries.  With over 700 locations around the globe and roughly 100 located in the United States, Nippon Express has repeatedly been recognized as a Top 10 Global Freight Forwarding company, most recently ranking 3rd with nearly $20B in gross revenue.  This global presence allows the Nippon Express Group to smoothly connect the world through advanced logistics.